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Christina Perri Interview

February 9, 2012
By pavlina GOLD, Port Orange, Florida
pavlina GOLD, Port Orange, Florida
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Christina Perri is happy to be singing! She also is happy that she’s getting used to the title of overnight sensation and with her new song “A Thousand Years” for the latest Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn that’s coming out November 18, Life is good!

Going back, just over a year ago, Perri was a waitress in a coffee house till her best friend handed a song of perri’s to a choreographer for So You Think You Can Dance and she literaly skyrocketed to fame.

I met up with Christina Perri after a performance she gave at Full Sail studios.

Q. “Growing up in Philadephia - there’s a big range of musical inspirations! Was there any genre or groups that inspired you?”

A. Well, my dad is from Italy and he really likes the classics like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and my mom really likes Elton John and James Taylor, so before I even knew it, I was surrounded by these really great singers and songwriters and then I found out about the Beatles when I was 15. Well, actually, 13- so then I was obsessed! Even though Philly had some good music that are blues and soulful. So it was really encouraging. I think just growing up in Philadelphia made it so my impressions were all over the place!

Q. “If you could write a song about growing up as Christina Perri - what do you think the title would be?”

A. “what a great question! If I could write a song about being me I would probably be so Emo! [haha]. So, like maybe “Misunderstood Heatbeats” [she laughs]because when I was growing up, I always felt so different and once I got into music and poems and writing, that would make me feel better. I was like, whoa!

Q. “You have a tattoo that says, “To Thine Own self Be True,” Gloria Gaynor had said to me to always stay true to yourself - What’s probably the toughtest time you had to do that and not change because someone wanted you different?”

A. “Oh, I have a really good one…that just happened recently. I got it when I was signed with my record label, Atlantic Records. It was July 22, 2010, and I really really love Atlantic Records and I feel really lucky to he here but I also knew major labels want you to be different because they want you to be whats working and compare you to things - you know-it’s a business. So when I signed with the label I wanted to remind myself in a permanent way that no matter what people say, I’m going to stay true to myself! And just do what I think is true to myself and to follow my gut kind of thing, where everyone. When everyone wanted to put drums in “Jar of Hearts” because it’s a very slow song and the radio was like- yeah we probably aren’t going to play it because it’s so slow and everyone said to make a remix and everyone wanted me to do it. I would think about it and I would get sick and I was like ok that’s a sighn from my gut but when you have everyone pressuring you it’s
Hard to hear that little voice in your head so remember - it’s really hard to say no but I had to stay with my gut so they play it[Jar of Hearts] anyway and I was really proud of myself for staying true to myself!

Q. “Kids have all kinds of obstacles growing up - what kind of obstacle did you have and how did you overcome it?”

A. “I think my biggest obstacle was fitting in. I found myself to be very quiet and sensitive and to myself. I didn’t really think I was cool. I didn’t have many friends because I was always listening to music or reading or like I didn’t hang out with the cool kids so I felt really bad about myself and I thought I was ugly and all the kinds of things little girls go through. So I don’t think I was that different from most kids but what I think was difficult was when I was 12 or 13, I got really into music and that kind of saved me and I think when your that age you should really find something your passionate about. I think if it’s sports or it its music or if its writing or whatever.It’s such a good thing to get out of your head like when you’re a kid your like, oh my God, I’m so crazy and not good enough and in fact, all kids are good enough and awesome! And I think that’s my biggest obstacle - was just fitting in!

Q. “Suddenly being in the spotlight - have you ever been scared from it all?”

A. “Yes, I get scared probably at least once a day, and sometimes, like tonight, I got really nervous like before the show, my stomach flips and it does before every show every time! Really! Like every time con’t there be a show where I didn’t have to be nervous? But that’s not the case and I think that’s really normal when you love doing something. I don’t think it’s that much of nerves but rather excitement you know, but for me I’m scared at least once a day by something exciting!”

Q. “Your song, “A Thousand Years” is on the Breaking Dawn soundtrack, which is really cool! How did that happen and where is the song played in the movie?”
A. “They approached me about writing a song afor the movie because they knew what a HUGE twiheart I was! And I also felt very lucky because my record label puts out their [Twilight/Breaking Dawn] soundtrack. So I got the opportunity and of course I said Yes! They asked if I wanted to screen the movie, so I watched it[Breaking Dawn] and cried my eyes out and went home and wrote “A Thousand Years” for Edward and Bella and their love story. I don’t know where it’s going to be in the movie, they didn’t tell me anything- it could really be anywhere. Right now it’s just really exciting because I get to do the press with all the cast and I mad a huge music video that’s coming out. And all these amazing Twilight things coming up that’s just coming to make me…pass out!”


A.” I’m doing Dancing with the Stars, and then I’m doing all the promo with the Twilight cast, then Jimmy Kimmel and Rosie O’Donnell. And then I fly back to Europe and I do a bunch of stuff over there and then I come back to America and do all these Christmas shows. Then I’m off for Christmas and I’ll spend that with my family in Philadephia and then start right back up in Janruary for a crazy year!

The author's comments:
talk with Singer/Songwriter Christina Perri after a private, standing room only performance she gave in Orlando, FL. We talk about her super big hit Jar of Hearts and her new song for the Twilight movie Breaking Dawn called "A Thousand Years" and other stuff too:))

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