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Water Park

August 23, 2011
By queentabbiecat99 GOLD, Dardanelle, Arkansas
queentabbiecat99 GOLD, Dardanelle, Arkansas
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A little girl enters the huge water park for the first time. The sharp smell of chlorine stings her five year old eyes and nose. As her smarting eyes looked around happily, they returned time and again to the biggest slide there. She turned to her mom a begging whine on her lips.
The Mother smiled down, “Let’s go to the lazy river first, Cheyenne.”

The little girl nodded sadly. Her dark gold, curly, waves bouncing, “Okay Moma if you promise we can go on later.”

The mother laughed as she walked her to the younger kid rides, “Of course, but you got to promise not to freak out.” The girl smiled brightly as she ran after her mother just biding her time.

A few hours later both mother and child where starting to ware down. They had been on almost every slide and ride at least twice. The Little girl looked to her mom, “Can we go ride it now?”

With a sigh knowing how big the line was going to be she reluctly started to walk that way. The little girl bounced and bounded beside her. The joy only lasted the thirty minutes it took to start climbing the hundred steps. Half way up she started to shake, and mummer, “we’re really high Hu.”
The mother looked over “Yes we are, but we’re almost to the top now.”
Ten to fifteen minutes later they reached the top. The little girl backed as far as she could from the side. “Mom I want to go back down now”
“Cheyenne we are not going back down. It took us over an hour to get up here.” As she spoke the teen age guy was bringing the huge yellow raft thing over. It looked like a monster to the girl she started to go back down the stairs. The mother grabbed her hand. “Come on Chy this will be fun. I promise”
The girl grumbled, “That’s what you said about the roller coaster yesterday.”
“Well how was I supposed to know that you would be so short? You are getting on this ride. If you don’t like it then we don’t have to ever do it again.” The mother grabbed the little girls hand and sat her down on the raft, people behind them sighing in relive. The mother then sat down behind her.
The little girl was shaking, all her muscles tight and quivering with excitement. In a loud splash and flash of light and shadow they were off. The lights and shadows played a dance on the water as they flashed through dark spots seeming to almost flip over again and again. The young girl yelled and laughed as the waterfalls of cold water fell on her and her mother. Suddenly in blinding light and a wave of water they splashed down in the bottom pool. The little girl looked up at her still laughing mother, “Can we go again?”

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i had to write this for an class and here it is

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