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Lucky Number 2

May 4, 2012
By Samii_Maze PLATINUM, Franklin, Wisconsin
Samii_Maze PLATINUM, Franklin, Wisconsin
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There is something that I had since I was a toddler and became one of my most prized passion. I bought him with my left over Christmas money about 10 years or so ago at Toys-R-Us on 27th street. He has a ebony coat that is full of blood, sweat and tears, 2 limp and smooth ears, and a scruffy peanut nose; further more my mom must of gave him million and 1 surgeries due to a hole in his leg. He is my stuffed animal black lab dog & his name is Lucky number 2; Lucky for short. There is a little story how he got his name and that ties in why he is most praised passion.

When I tell people, about him, like my mom’s boyfriend, he laughs and teases me because I’m 16 and still sleep with him to this day. It doesn’t really bother me that much anymore but it only hurts if they keep nagging me. Like saying “Awe u little baby should I get your blanket and ba ba.” Or like “Do you suck your thumb to?” That really gets under my pail white skin. Well, here goes my unpredictable (a word that describes when u thinks everything we are ok but then it turns out that it doesn’t)

When I was about 4 ½ years old young and free, me and my family took a lingering plane ride to the to the most magical place on this planet; Disney World. And of course I had to take Lucky, he is my baby. As we were packing up and doing cheeks, my mom said to keep Lucky in my bag but, I didn’t listen. I kept him by my in my arms the whole time and that was the mistake that I made. As we went the Michel airport and got on the plane I told my mom that “I’m sitting next to Jose.” She gave me my ticket and looked at me with a sad face “Ok Sam you can do that. I love you.” I gave her a kiss telling her “I Love you to mommy.” then hopped in my seat. I stared shouting “I get window seat! I get window seat!” tossing lucky up in the air like a ball. ”SAMANTHA SETTLE DOWN!” my mother snapped. My baby blue eye balls looked straight at her because I know when I hear my full name I’m in supper duper trouble. “Leave her alone. She is just excited” remarked Jose. (Jose is my step dad just to let u know) My mom glared at him then turned back around in her seat. Jose came and sat in his sat next to me with a smile upon his face. “You’re lucky I love you. Because I wanted the window the seat.” he said with a grin. I giggled and said “I love you to Jose.” The pilot came on the loud speaker and told us to put are seat belts on and are ready for takeoff. I already had mine on because I just wanted to go and see Mickey and Minnie. I put Lucky on my lap and patted his big fluffy head; looked out the window and watched the ground disappear as we went off in the coral blue sky. I whispered silently to myself “Here we came Disney World”

The plane came to a stop and I was so excited because I thought we were in Florida. “Are we there! Are we in Florida Jose?” I asked in a thrill of excitement him. He looked at me and told me “Im sorry baby no. We had to stop in Michigan.” “Oh ok” I asid with a frown on my face. “Want to go and see how Detorits airport looks Sam?” Jose asked me. “Sure. Can Lucky come see to?” I asked him. “Just keep him here. We will be right back don’t worry.” He said. I unbuckled my seat belt and jumped out of my seat; gave lucky a kissy and told him “I’ll be right back lucky, so don’t run away from me.” I gave him a pat on the head and followed Jose out of this crowed plane. We came back with some of them yummy chips that make your fingers all cheesy. As I walked to my seat I notice that lucky was nowhere to be found. “Jose! Mom! Lucky is missing!” I screamed with tears falling down my face. “Well you should have kept it in your bag like I told you Sam.” Scold my mom. “He is gone. He’s gone forever.” I said hugging Jose and balling out my eyes. “I’ll try and find him Sam. Just set back down and I’ll find him.” I sat back down hoping he will find Lucky. Jose came back and to tell me the bad news. “I want my Lucky! I want my Lucky!” I hollered stomping my feet. “Stop that now. I’ll get you a new dog when we get back home.” Snapped my mom. I put on my belt and crossed my arms “Fine, but he won’t be the same as Lucky.” I said. “Well yes I understand that, but u will do fine without him. Trust me Sam you won’t even know he’s gone.” I gave him a smirk and shook my head and leaned it against the window rubbing my eyes. Before I knew it the ground was disappearing once again. I was thinking to myself…I miss you lucky and no other stuffed animal can replace you. I closed my eyes and fell asleep dreaming of me playing with lucky.

All in all I had a blast and seen some amazing things. Jose was right I did forget about Lucky over the trip, but when we were going back home I was determined to get a new stuffed animal. We went to Toys-R-US and got a new one. His name is….well Lucky Number 2. I remember I was so thrilled when I got him in my arms.

Today, he lies on my bed waiting for me every night for me to him as my pillow when I don’t have one. I take him on every trip we go on because I can’t sleep without him. He is my most prized passion because that dog to he isn’t just a stuff animal to me he is my friend. I know that sounds funny to say but he is. Every time I need something to hold or when im feeling down, I lay down and put him under my head and I feel better. I know that sounds babyish by I don’t care. The thing I hope to do when I pass away is to give one of my kids him and pass him down to their child and just continue passing him down because I love him and he is a part of me and so they remember im always there watching them through his eyes.

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