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Safe Rock

March 10, 2013
By emi_is_fab SILVER, Cambridge, Massachusetts
emi_is_fab SILVER, Cambridge, Massachusetts
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I stand straight. Looking off into the distance and up into the sky. The brilliant colors of the rainbow paint the sky. Then,I look at the trees on the bank of the river. The trees looked dark against the bright sky. I stared off into the distance, taking in the beauty. I was at the edge of the river the rapids slowly drifting past me, it looked as if their was almost no current. Everything was quiet. No police sirens, No honking of horns, all tell tale signs of life. No. This was a different kind of life. Shown by the call of a loon as a car horn, and the constant flowing of the river as a never ending siren. This was an entirely different kind of life. I sat down on the ledge of the rock. jutting out into the river. I saw the silhouette of the rope and a canoe connected to it. I sighed. I bent down over the river to try to get my bathing suit clean. I had no soap, just my hands and water. I scrubbed for what seemed like hours, with no result. Finally I just gave up. I walked back and hung my bathing suit on a nub sticking out of a nearby tree. I went back out onto the rock landing again. I sat in the stillness until it got dark. When the stars were out and the sunset gone, my stomach began to rumble. I better go back and eat, because I never knew when my next meal might be, at this point we were running out of food. I stumbled back to the tree with my bathing suit on it. I turned. I looked. One last time. Out at that rock, knowing I will remember it forever.

The author's comments:
I had to work on setting for a class project and I thought about this one rock where I felt good, safe, and just... myself. So I wrote about it. It is inspired by the Wilderness camp I went to over the summer.

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