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The Amusement Park

November 30, 2008
By Anonymous

Waiting. Thousands and thousands of people are waiting at the admission line, tarrying, yearning to be first in line and to gain passage into the care-free land known as the amusement park. The lines are backed up all the way back towards the parking lot. Numerous amounts of families have arrived an hour early before the park opens, hoping to be in front of the line. Most of the children are riding on their father’s shoulder while wearing a Disney shirt, Mickey Mouse hat, and smiles on their faces. It is early morning. Cool and calm winds are gently gliding in from the mountains. Wherever the children look, they see pictures and advertisements for the extreme roller coasters. People go on these rides so they can have a moment of pure bliss and escape from all their problems.

The extreme roller coasters are the superior kings of the theme park. They are bigger, faster, and create a bigger thrilling sensation compared to the average roller coaster. Extreme rides have tracks of metallic red or can have a cold black color to it. When the sun is glaring on the tracks, they glisten and the radiance blinds the customers; the blistering heat can scorch people. These rides have a way of standing out.

Many of the riders are over the age of 13 since the height limit for going on the roller coaster is about 54 inches. When the riders first arrive at the line, they have a radiant glow of confidence since there is at least an hour long wait till they get on the ride. Their comments are usually like “I am not scared” and “ this ride is for babies.” However slowly by slowly and inch by inch, their confidence shrinks, fear starts creeping inside of them, and their bold statements turn into pitiful excuses to not go on the ride. They say “ I am not feeling well; I do not think I should go this ride.”But there are those who will not be intimidated and who are excited because they enjoy the thrill and the high speeds with nothing keeping them from splattering all over the ground except for pieces of iron and steel forged together.

As soon as you get to the front of the line you begin to realize this is the last chance to back out. The people in front you have already boarded and you can no longer see them until their journey is over. Some of the cowards begin to sneak their way to the exit. But the thrill seekers are eager with excitement and take their seat without even a thought of looking back towards the exit. They are fastened with a jagged steel bar suffocating them. Then they wave their goodbyes to whom ever is watching them as the ride slowly takes off.

All the passengers can hear the clickity- clank thumping of the cart and the tracks rubbing against each other. After a couple of second, the passengers begin to realize they are slowly rising in altitude and are no longer troubled with their daily problems. Once they reach the maximum height, the instant before they take the free falling plunge downward, they feel superior and great because they have a crystal clear view of the entire park. The entire city is visible! Then the cart swoops down and follows its track at full speed. The passengers are overwhelmed with adrenaline and taking in everything in slow motion. Even the screams of the people sitting next to them and the ecstatic hands waving out of the cart. Eventually the journey is over and everyone exits with a feeling of accomplishment and personal satisfaction.

Most people lack confidence and are afraid of roller coasters. They look at the negatives but not the positives. But to truly be happy it is necessary to take a chance to achieve goals.

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ansa_123 said...
on Feb. 13 2018 at 1:39 pm
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you are very cheesy

ansa_123 said...
on Feb. 13 2018 at 1:38 pm
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nerds are scared of roller coasters

mineslayer said...
on Nov. 8 2017 at 4:03 pm
mineslayer, Phionex, Alabama
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this has alot of words put biggy cheese

on Feb. 23 2014 at 11:01 pm
Douglas Gurske, Ashland, Wisconsin
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A pretty decent read, however I feel it could have used a tad bit more revision. The second paragraph in particular bothered me, I felt you could have re-worded the sentences just a bit and made them stronger. Never been on a roller-coaster myself because I've always feared them. Perhaps I should try one some time.