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True Stories From An Unpopular Ninth Grader

November 16, 2014
By Listenntomusiceveryday PLATINUM, Cypress, Texas
Listenntomusiceveryday PLATINUM, Cypress, Texas
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Ninth Grade is about clothes and hot Eleventh graders and dreaming about prom, and tweeting everything you’re doing and wondering how cool it is to cut class. It’s about parties and discoveries and new friends.
I play guitar, and I’ve mastered the art of wearing the same pair of jeans five days in a row. I don’t want to climb up the social ladder. I like books, not Twitter. Call me crazy but I’m okay with who I am.

Last year my friends tied me to a park bench with a dog leash. It was not a clean dog leash.
God I never talk to them anymore sure I have Gia in my math class and Kiely in Texas History, but really the only person I’m still friends with is Andy, and we don’t have any classes together. Funny how a million factors can play into one friendship.

Andy and I are the annoying kids on the bus. We blast her music, sing along. We yell random stuff about our lives that no one wants to hear, I swear everyone on the bus knows what I had for breakfast the last three weeks of my life.

When I was in the third grade my friend Anna Bee and I would go on the swings at the after school day care we went to. Anna was in the fourth grade and I felt like the coolest person ever for having a friend in a grade above me. But we’d go on the swings and I’d be the guy who counted down and yelled blast off (whatever they’re called) and she’d kick her shoes off and tree to hit a tree with them.
Well once, she actually got her shoe stuck in a tree. They daycare people tried to get it down with a hula-hoop, they did – eventually.

I found my old DS the other day, I loved that thing, now it’s all about ipads and whatnot. But I do know some Tenth graders who use their DS.

My best friend Andy dyed her hair blue. She told people she swam for to long in a swimming pool.

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All true. 100 percent. 

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