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January 13, 2009
By Anonymous

There are many activities that Kristin enjoys, such as singing in the shower, going to the mall, playing the piano and, of course, staying up late and sleeping until noon. She considers her life to be hectic due to preparation for college and life outside of Arrowhead High School, which is where she currently attends. She’s not really sure what she will do in the future, but tries her best to stay focused on the present. She’s a small-town girl from Hartland who isn’t living in a lonely world, but can’t quite seem to want to explore more out of life. She is currently employed at Five Guys where she spends her hours serving the needy public their food. However, she doesn’t plan on staying there long for she has career dreams that involve more than flipping burgers.
Her love for writing started when her aunt bought her a “voice password journal” for her when she was younger so that her brother wouldn’t go snooping around. She then wrote rants every day about the third grade and how much she had a crush on the boy that sat next to her in class.
People usually find her with her ear buds in listening to her IPod wherever she goes listening to her favorite music such as The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, or any other vintage music that she couldn’t live a single day without.
She hopes to someday be on stage playing the keyboard for some rock band in front of millions of people, but will stick to the other passion of her life, writing.

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