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It Means Something , Don't Give It Away

December 2, 2015
By _xoxo__riri_ BRONZE, Richmond, Texas
_xoxo__riri_ BRONZE, Richmond, Texas
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They tried to warn her that most boys only want one thing, and that once it's gone, there's no getting it back. They tried to warn her that nothing would ever be the same, and that once he got it he would soon start to lack. They preached this to her hoping it would go through one ear and stay, but she became curious so she went about it her way. She met this boy- nice, tall -6 foot you could say who had very good ways knowing the right thing to say. It was all perfect in the beginning. She had never been happier. Nothing her parents had preached had yet happened to her. Soon the time came, all happening so quick. She was scared and nervous, but it all didn't click. Yes, the time came happening so quick but she felt the same. Nothing bad to predict. She noticed overtime that she'd become more emotional than before, but she thought it was all out of "love" - love for the person she truly adored. Not long after, her parents found out. They seemed very disappointed in her, for they tried to tell her what boys were about. It Seemed that they looked at her different now- no longer as their baby girl, but she didn't understand . Yes he took it but he still seemed to brighten her day and give her the world. She did whatever it took to get her parents to hear her out. To accept that she made a mistake , and to accept that they went out. Soon after though- way after everything was back on good terms, she peeped another change- but this one, not so easy to understand .Things started to fall apart between her and this guy. She did not understand, she truly did not know why. But , the truth finally came out. There was no way things would ever be the same anymore. She could do nothing but cry, regretting everything , wishing she had took the advice from her parents before. He was no longer the perfect guy she knew, and all she could do was cry- she didn't know what else to do. He told her she was only good for one thing, and that he never really loved her, it was never really what it seemed. These words haunted her, like how could this be!!?? Although she hated to admit it, her parents were right-Right about everything ! She gave it all but he didn't care. She gave it all to the boy who didn't care. Listen closely to what I'm about to say- It means something, don't give it away !

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