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The Guy of My Dreams

August 28, 2018
By Bagel04 GOLD, Kingsville, Texas
Bagel04 GOLD, Kingsville, Texas
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Most girls dream of the day they'll meet their prince charming. Do I? I'll admit, I used to daydream of the day I'd meet that one special guy. The guy who sweeps me off my feet with one glace. The guy who loves to make me laugh. That's the kind of guy I want.

I want a guy who loves dancing as much as I do. I want a guy who'll always be there, no matter what. I want a guy who's not too proud to show that he loves me. A guy who'll comfort me through the hardest times.

I want a guy that I can trust with my secrets. A guy who'll love me, regardless of my dark past. A guy who won't give up on me, when I'm afraid to open up to him. I want a trustworthy guy.

A romantic guy. A guy who'd search the world for me, if he had to. A guy who'll protect me. I want a guy who'll support me.

A guy who hears a love song and instantly thinks of me. A guy who can't sleep without holding me in his arms. A guy who'll sing me to sleep, when I've had a nightmare. I want a guy who knows me better than anyone.

I can promise him, that I will be faithful, loving, caring, patient, and if it ever came down to it, I'd fight for him. My promise to him, is that I will love him with all my heart, that I with treat him and his family with respect, that I will be his sanctuary, that I will be his voice of reason (even when he doesn't want to hear it.) I can promise him, that I will always stand my his side, always take care of him when he is hurting, and always protect him.

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This article is about everything I could ever want in a boyfriend.

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