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October 5, 2018
By SecretButterfly16 GOLD, Sacramento, California
SecretButterfly16 GOLD, Sacramento, California
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Passion is not work, it is something you enjoy to do and are relatively good at. If you can have a job that is your passion, it's not work anymore. My passion has driven me to work towards my future career, being a detective in the law enforcement. Therefore, my dream is to have my passion be my job. My passion is being able to help families when they need closer and to put people who likes to hurt other people away. I want this dream because it gets me one step closer to the future that I have envisioned for myself.

Before I was taken into foster care and before I was separated from my family, it was hard everyday. We were very poor and the streets were known to be my home. Most of my family didn't have the opportunity to go to college or follow their dreams. Growing up with my family, for the little bit of time I was with them, I realized at a very young age that collage and having a luxurious lifestyle was not a possibility for me. Even if I went to college it still wouldnt be likely that I would get the job that I wanted because of the situation that I was in.

After getting taken away, it took a few years being passed on from place to place but i finally ended up where I am now. I was finally told that college was an option for me and not only that, but that I can get I paid fully. Now here is the deal being able to be told and being able to actually believe that I could go to college and get my dream job was an amazing feeling for me.I could enjoy my life and want to get up out of bed every morning and get to go do what I love doing.

I never thought I would live up to the age of twenty  years old. My mom and grandma would actually pray for me everytime I went to school because it was that dangerous where I was. In my old neighborhood, when you became an adult you would either end up dead, selling dope or in prison. College was way out of the picture but having a future to look forward too is a huge deal for me and my family even if it meant me not living with them anymore. After college I would go to the police academy to get the credentials I need. I know there may be more steps I need to take to achieve this dream but i'm still learning and I am pretty sure by the end of high school i'm going to have everything I need to get my job.

Dreams are everywhere, they belong to the people who make them. My dream is to become a detective in the police department. To be able to accomplish my dream I am going to have to go through some steps, some steps that I don't know about right now but I will make sure that I finish college and make it to where I need to be. I had to already make some sacrifices to get where I am now, I am still willing to make some more to accomplish my goal.

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It's only one of a few of my dreams.

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