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My Move to California

December 2, 2019
By jarthu909 BRONZE, Antelope, California
jarthu909 BRONZE, Antelope, California
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I was born in Columbus, Ohio and when I was 9, my dad wanted to get a new job.

He also wanted to move out of Ohio because he wanted to see more things and he wanted to move out of Ohio since he had lived there his whole life. But my mom didn't really like the idea because all her family was in Ohio. After some time she agreed, so we moved out of the house we were staying in. Then my dad went on a three day trip to California with his friend Greg, who was living in California at the time and he flew out to Ohio to help us move. I was still in school and they wanted me to finish, so my mom and I stayed with her parents for a month or so, and then my mom and I would fly out there.

 The night my dad was leaving, was the night before Easter, and I was so sad that he was leaving me for awhile and I couldn't see him in person. About two months went by and my mom and I were leaving to California. It was a very sad day for my whole family. There were a lot of tears. My mom and I boarded the plane and went to California and when we landed my dad and some family friends were there. I was so happy to see my dad. The night we got picked up we went out to eat and we drove around downtown. 

That next morning my mom and I woke up earlier than my dad because of the time difference and we were not used to the time difference. It is crazy how different states have different time zones even though we all live in the United States.  Anyway, the first few months were kind of rough because my mom missed her family, and we have no one out in California. It was just a crazy time in our lives. 

We started out by living in a tiny apartment for about a year and then we moved into a double home for about a year, then we just moved into a stand alone house towards the end of the summer. I'm really happy that my family moved to California because I love it and I have a life long friends here. 

At the beginning it was so hard because in Ohio I had all my friends there and I didnt want to make new friends, I also thought i would´nt be able to make friends. But when I started 5th grade I met my best friends for life, then from there on I have met a lot of people because I kept moving and switching to different school almost every year. It was hard moving schools because I would fall in love with one school and make a lot of friends then find out I would have to move and this year is the first year I'm at a school for two years in a row and im so glad that I got to stay this year because I have met more friends and they support me and they are amazing people. 

At first I didn't like the idea that I would have to move all the way across the country and move away from my friends and family. I was also scared because Ohio was all I knew. I have learned that I have to be independent at times and that everyone won't be in your life forever. I have grown a lot throughout this experience but I have loved every minute of it.

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