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A life without music

December 17, 2019
By ANGIE19181716 BRONZE, Round Lake, Illinois
ANGIE19181716 BRONZE, Round Lake, Illinois
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What is life without music? Music is something I could never live without. Without music, I was shy, very quiet and the type of person that would only talk when asked to. As a little kid, I would hear my parents sing me to sleep and I always follow along. Music allowed me to express myself and be as loud as I wanted. Singing my heart out during eighth grade choir class, auditioning for choir concert solos, trying out for the school play, all moments where I felt the most like myself. It made me happy. There was nothing that could keep me away from my passion, until high school. 

Every eighth grader who wanted to be in show choir during high school, auditioned for the program. There were different choirs to choose from. I chose show choir (dancing and singing). What if I don’t do as well as I do when i sing songs by Alessia Cara? Called one by one where the high school choir director was holding auditions, I waited with the other students. “It went really well,” one said. “You got this, stay confident,” said another. It was my turn to enter the room. I walked in, I was fidgeting with my fingers, my throat was dry. The room was small with a piano in the smack dab in the middle of it. Notes and different lyrics were written on the chalkboard. The audition went like this, introduction (name and which choirs I wanted to be in), song of choice (a classic “Can't help falling in love” by Elvis Presley) and range check “ding” the director played a note on the piano which I had to match. Before I knew it, the audition was over. I hit every note in the song, the vibrato was amazing. I took a breath of relief. A week later, there was a dance audition for show choir. I felt that I had done an amazing job at smiling the entire performance, changing my facial expressions to match the sassy turns, hitting each pop and lock. Weeks passed and the list of who had made it into show choir was posted. 

“Have you seen the list? I got in!” one of my friends said.

“No,” I replied looking on the web page for the results. 

I scrolled down, not my name, oh congratulations, I thought as I was looking through the show choir list. I found my name. 

“Angelica H.- alternate”

 An alternate? Was my audition that bad? I hit this move well, maybe it was the singing, did I not hit the right notes? I  thought to myself. After I saw this, my confidence disappeared. My outside showed that I wasn’t sad but on the inside, my whole world had crumbled. I had no intention of taking show choir. I was torn from something that I thought made me different from others. 

A year passed, I realized that it was not smart of me to give up on what I loved. I was at a restaurant that also held karaoke to the customers. My parents begged me to go up and sing. I said no the first time, no the second time, finally I got enough courage to go up. It took me back to the moment I was auditioning for choir at the end of eighth grade. I chose a song by Sam Smith and began to sweat. I started off my song and gained more confidence as I continued. While I hit the high notes in “Im know I’m not the only one” the people eating cheered for me, they clapped with their fingers covered in whatever they were having. I realized, I did not get into one program but that did not mean that I had to give up all hope. I still loved to sing, I still had that passion. The lesson I learned  was if you are turned down or do not get the outcome you want, and it is something you're in love with, don’t give up. I never did try out for show choir again but I knew I had taken back my passion. For the future I know that I won’t always get the outcome I want but I will continue to work just as hard. 

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