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The survial of the hurricane

May 10, 2009
By Anonymous

“As u can see here a hurricane is coming toward Orlando Florida”. The new caster had said. At that time my sister was pregnant with my niece. When my cousins and I heard that there was a hurricane we ran into the closet. My brother and two sisters looked at us like we were crazy. My brother Darron said “what are you guys doing? , the hurricane isn’t here yet! ”. I had said “But they said a hurricane was coming this way” My two sisters said” yeah its coming this way but it’s not coming until tomorrow”! “Oh I knew that I just wanted to see if you knew that!” I had said with a giggle. My cousins decided to go to the pool. When we got into the pool my brother started to make waves like we were in the beach. “Darron STOP! Gosh this is getting annoying” I had screamed. He looked at me like I had two heads.

As I was getting out of the pool the sky started two get dark. I wrapped the towel around me and my brother said “come on we are going home” “why” my cousin asked. My brother said “Because it’s about to rain and it’s not good to be in the pool when it’s raining”. “Oh, ok”. We walked to the house. When we got in the house I jumped in the shower and so did my cousins after me. After we took our shower we sat down and watched some movies.

The next day we were watching the news and the news cast said “hurricane Charlie will be hitting Orlando Florida this afternoon!” Me and my cousins looked each other and screamed “ahhhhhhhhhhhh!” My two sisters and brother said “shut up gosh it is not that serious!”We started laughing and we left the room. My brother came out behind us and told us to put our bathing suits on. We said “why”! He had responded “because you guys are going to run in the rain before the hurricane come!” We looked at him like he had two heads and went to go put our bathing suits on and went outside. As we went outside it started to poor down raining. While it was raining we ran around the building complex. It was sooo much fun running in the rain.

As we got back in the house my sisters were coming back from blockbuster. It started to thunder and poor down hard. My brother told us to go with him to move the car. As soon as I stepped foot outside I started to slip. I said “oh NOOO I am not going out there!” so I went back inside. The next day we looked outside and saw trees on top of cars, houses, stores and everything. We had no electricity and hot water and gas. My mother came down from New York and started packing out things. Since we didn’t have hot water we were bathing in cold water, and we didn’t have any gas so we grilled or ate out for the couple of days we were down there.

Couple of days later we drove down to New York. It took us a week to get to New York; we stopped at a myrtle beach to catch up on some sleep. We got back on the road 4:00 in the morning. Finally we got to New York!!!!
When I got home I was happy to lie in my bed and to be home and so was my family.

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