May 19, 2009
By luke75 BRONZE, Belmont, Michigan
luke75 BRONZE, Belmont, Michigan
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As I sit on the bus waiting and waiting to arrive at school, the sun shining as if it was the last day on earth, I just sit there full of excitement ready to enjoy the first day of spring. The bus stops instantly as I start my day. The whole day I’m waiting for one thing, recess. As the day passes by I hear the bell ring and everyone bursts out the door. I hurry and eat lunch just to get outside. As soon as I’m out Riley’s calling me over to play basketball. We all start playing and time flies by as we hear the safety guards yell, “10 more minutes.” From that point on the game speeds up. Score after score the game within reach of any team. I passed it to Austin, and he dishes it back as I pull up a shot. I feel as if the world around me is barely moving, as if in slow motion and all I concentrate on is the ball going to the hoop. Not knowing I was pushed back hard, I hit the cement. A huge pain enters my left ankle , I feel like screaming, but I didn’t, hearing the people around me shout and yell for help. I just lay there as a safety comes over to help me up onto a wheelchair, I see like the whole school circled around me as I’m being pushed away. As I entered the office I didn’t think my ankle hurt as bad as it did before so I went back to class. The rest of the day I felt my ankle throbbing and I think of how stupid I was to say that my ankle doesn’t hurt to the principal in the office. I should have gone home I think to my self as I’m thrown through this terrible pain. I get dropped off by the bus at the end of the day and I limp home to tell my parents, then we rush to the med center. I’m just sitting there in the room waiting for the doctor to bring back the results, wondering what is wrong Im breathing harder and harder as the doctor comes through the door. “FRACTURED” I say in a loud voice as he tells me. Soon as I hear these terrible words I felt as if my life stoped and I thought about the whole rest of year, I cant do anything like start football or traveling basketball, its like im put hold. The first thing I did the next day is get a cast and crutches then the nurses show me how to use everything properly. After I was all done my mom took me to school and I thought what everyone would think of me in a cast. The day went perfectly normal all that was different was using crutches because when everyone walks you are like running just to keep up but I didn’t mind. Then comes the time of recess and I just watched everyone play and run around until Austin yells for me to play four square. I thought for a second how funny I would look hitting the ball with crutches but I went over there and played to and I was amazingly good at it. Even though crutches and having a cast was fun, it was only fun for a day because after two months it starts to be annoying and you just want to throw down your crutches and run a mile. Until 4 weeks after summer break already started I finally got my cast off and that very same day I played in a traveling basketball tournament. A DAY Later I hung out with riley and Austin and they told me “at least you made the shot”


The author's comments:
this is a true story and proves that it was fun but not fun at all.

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luke75 BRONZE said...
on Dec. 8 2009 at 8:51 am
luke75 BRONZE, Belmont, Michigan
3 articles 4 photos 4 comments
thank you, this review really inspired me to write more articles and maybe even become a author when im older. its people like you that make the world go round.

on Sep. 5 2009 at 5:30 pm
I enjoyed reading this article. The opening was very descriptive, and as you write how excited you are, the readers themselves get excited as well. My favorite part of this piece was right before you were injured and you recall how everything seemed to move in slow motion. Overall, well done :)