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That is Wrong

October 6, 2021
By lijie BRONZE, Shenzhen, Other
lijie BRONZE, Shenzhen, Other
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“We aren’t allowed to talk about it,” the president of the Student Council replied tersely when asked about the past functions of the Council.

Nowadays in our school, students can’t bring phones to classrooms, student clubs had to be supervised, and the student council cannot pass or create bills. In short, student freedom is disappearing. And that is wrong.

I thus strived to report these changes. Yet even as I pestered everyone for information, none dared discuss these “sensitive” subjects. In this suffocating silence, a fist of doubt and frustration closed about my heart. I’m angered at our school ignoring our tradition of freedom, frustrated at my peers’ silence, and more disappointed at myself for being unable to help.

Then there were the journalists of the Apple Daily. Although the newspaper was forced to shut down, the journalists spoke up for democracy and freedom until the last. They did not “want to wait and die,” they fought. 

If they could be so brave with so much at stake, why couldn’t we do the same? Why can’t we try even harder to speak up? 

These questions pried open the iron fist over my heart. A new will to persevere now burns in me like the cellphone lights that shined on the night Apple Daily shut down.

“Independent and true, free and objective.”

I still remembered the president of the school newspaper — Nirvana News — who smiled fondly as she read out its motto with her eyes firm and calm. It was faith in “independence” that led me to sweat in an interview to join the club later. I relish the spirit of freedom that throbs in it. This is the voice of democracy, the speaker for the students, this is freedom of the press!

We may have only insignificant contributions to make, but we can at least be brave, like the journalists of the Apple Daily. If no students will talk, I’ll check the school’s history; if all “sensitive” information is censored, I shall report on the “insensitive” ones; even if we got censored, well, that’s the worst the school can do.  

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