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A Day on the Water

January 20, 2022
By TheSamOnly_o7 BRONZE, Brookfield, Wisconsin
TheSamOnly_o7 BRONZE, Brookfield, Wisconsin
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A day on the water, my dad and I have had many good memories whilst fishing, he told me he bought a ring for his fiancée when we were having a chill day out on the water, he taught me countless lessons while we sat on our dock, and that may be why we are so close compared to other kids and their Dad’s. But this isn’t a story of how he got engaged or a lesson he has taught me, this is the story of the log. On a fishing trip through the Wisconsin River a couple of years past, I thought I was going to get my lure stuck on a log… “Collective Gasp” seconds later that “log” cut my fishing line with its razor-sharp teeth as it swallowed the lure. Although numerous attempts were made, that apex predator of the river did not want to be caught. 

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