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A Good Friend

May 7, 2022
By LiteraryMe PLATINUM, Dayton, Ohio
LiteraryMe PLATINUM, Dayton, Ohio
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“The earth has music for those who listen.” —William Shakespeare

Do you know what a friend is?

Dictionary definition--


1. A person attached to another by feelings or affection or personal regard
2. A person who gives assistance
3. A person who is on good terms with another

The thing not everyone realizes is, it’s more than that. It’s someone who cares. A person who listens. A good friend will put your needs before their own. A good friend will tell you when you’re wrong. A good friend won’t be embarrassed by what you do. A good friend wouldn’t embarrass anyone in the first place. A good friend knows how to have a conversation. A good friend knows that having a conversation needs at least two people. A good friend knows that in order to have a conversation they can’t be the only one talking. Being a good friend doesn’t need two people. You can be a good friend to someone even if they aren’t a good friend to you. But it would be nice if one good friend found another good friend, and together, they would be the best of friends.

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