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Tennis Club

September 3, 2009
By Anonymous

“Sorry, I have to do after that today. So I cannot practice with you” my face was sorry and I bowed my head for my tennis partner. She frowned at the window, because it has been heavy raining and the students who play the club activity come back from the outside to school building. I thought the ground was muddy that smell was soil, so the outside’s club cannot practice today. My partner gave a deep sigh for rain.

My face was so smile when I come back to home with my friend who she was also the member of tennis club. But she was not good tennis player because tennis is just her hobby. So she could come back to the home anytime, and the practice was not important to her. But I couldn’t it because I was nominated the tennis player and have my partner. “Why are you so happy?” she frowned at my smile face. Because I could early come back to home because of rain, but my real feeling was that the tennis club was so boring and my partner was not my type. She was a very good tennis player and another player respected her more highly than me. Because she was honest in all she does. But I don’t like the way she does. So I lied about doing after school for her, because I wanted to skip the practice.

In the next day, the outside was like dark winter day and it is likely to rain. But my feeling was also dark and cold when after school. “Why are you so sad today? Your face was smile yesterday” my friend asked me and touched my shoulder. My shoulder shook with something. I explained her about before that. I couldn’t to get a chance to play in the tennis match. I have the tennis match for next week, but I skipped the practice many times. So my partner became angry with me, so my coach didn’t select me. Today was also that it has been heavy raining. And then the sound was so noisy and my face taste salty.

It is regrettable that my coach didn’t select me, but I thought it is not worth while my partner became angry. Because she did many times the practice than me and will try to make her dream come true. So I learned the practice is important for me and should think the human relation. After that, I changed the partner because I wanted to change my feeling. Smell was so refreshing.

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