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The Delight of Karma

October 11, 2009
By Isabel96 BRONZE, Boston, Massachusetts
Isabel96 BRONZE, Boston, Massachusetts
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I have recently discovered that some of the simplest joys in life can come from the results of karma. As I walked into school on a rainy Wednesday morning, two seniors began to interogate me. They asked about the sport I play, soccer, and then one of the girls proceeded to tell me that it was stupid and that I was a dork for playing it. I looked at the girl, with her misleadingly yellow shirt, and I couldn't understand. I was utterly confused by the fact that a person could make such cruel remarks to someone's face. I was not particularly hurt or offended by the comments, I was merely shocked. All through the day I was puzzled by the sweet looking girls ability to act so heartlessly towards a tiny freshman. My final class that day was gym. My freshman gym class and the senior gym class that period combined to play a game together in the gym. When we began playing, I realized that the girl in the yellow shirt was there. I couldn't help laughing as she repeatedly fumbled the ball and was completely confused as to how to play the game. As she stood talking in the center of the court, refusing to get out of the way, someone threw the ball and it hit her in the back of the head. I started cracking up as she turned around to stare at the culprit, shocked. I couldn't help thinking that this was her punishment for her cruelty towards me. Karma prevailed, and it made what would have been a bad day very entertaining.

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