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Caution of Love

December 25, 2009
By NativeWriter GOLD, Santa Rosa, California
NativeWriter GOLD, Santa Rosa, California
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Love is a word that has been over used in society today and it has reached a point to were no one really knows what the word means or they confuss it with lust. I am one who dose not say that word untill I know that it is real enough that I know it will not be just a fling. Unlike most who say the words I love You after a week or a month, it is wrong!, that word should be saved untill at least six months. I held that word untill i was dating the one i cared for untill a year and we dated for a year and eight months and were going to have our own child together. He was going to be named after my father with his first name, Rick, and he was going to have the rest my name, Enrique . I truly did love her and my unborn child andi would have done anything for them untill her mother came back into the picture. Then she went for a turn for the worse and lost my dear son and turned into hell on earth. so people be careful how you use the words of love, because it may not be what you think. by,
Native Writer

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In the end she did get a baby doll that who look like what our son would be like and it is very well made and puts me to tears when i see him in the pictures. For we are not together any more but she still kept the name and he dose look alot like me.

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