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thts a sign

February 24, 2010
By BaBii_GhErL PLATINUM, Wasilla, Alaska
BaBii_GhErL PLATINUM, Wasilla, Alaska
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Loving someone who doesnt love u is not wrong its just painful!

we been thru 10 months together and dnt get me wrong but at after everything seemed perfect but afew months now n we havent been doin very well...jus a few days after valentines day we had our biggest break up yet...i didnt think tht it was gona b this serious until i came back frm skool n u didnt wanna have anything to do wif me forreal hurt me when i looked into my eyes n u tld me u didnt love me broke my heart into more pieces than u can ever count...the littler pieces broke to the littlest pieces...i had a rough time getting ovr it all but a few days has past n i really jus kept thinking tht my life really wasnt the same without u n i am lost in this world alone without sister jus said to me...if u love someone let them go...if they come bak then u kno..its meant to be... so after thinking i decide if we gona really break up...we should still be friends so i came to ur house looking for u ...and there u were u said wht did i come to ur house for and i said i wanted to tlk and i have a few things to say...u jus said u didnt wana listening then later u said whtever i gotta say say here i am standing in front of u..trying to call peace with u...u siad u dont wana listen n u dnt wana be friends...then i tld u tht if u still love me say it now or after i leave ur place i wont be coming bak...we went to have a little smoke outside and out of no where u jus came ovr n put ur arms around me n said sry...a tear fell frm my eyes rolling down my cheeks not jus the fact tht ur bak in my life...but its the trouble of saying do i want it tht way i want to get bak wif u...putting myself thru all this pain n tears again? it worth it?...and then again i remembered my sister telling me tht if i love someone let them go if they come bak then ill knw...remmebering i loved u enough to let u go n now ur bak so i guess theres was the biggest sign tht we were meant to be!!!...

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this is for me n my fiance...taking it slow is best for now!!

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