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Austen and I

April 5, 2010
By AnneElliot PLATINUM, Parker, Colorado
AnneElliot PLATINUM, Parker, Colorado
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"He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot loose." ~ Jim Elliot

Jane Austen is my inspiration. In my imagination, she sits at a worn wooden writing desk by an open window; her cinnamon-brown hair is swept back into a loose bun, with a free strand resting against her incarnadine cheek. Austen's cream-colored hand chronicles the lives of two imaginary lovers. Jane realizes that the story may or may not become a success--Austen lives without luxury, despite the publication of several books--but Jane will not give up what she loves, nor will she accept anything she does not love. Jane Austen lived cheerfully, worked diligently, and pursued her interests faithfully, three qualities I hope will flourish in my own life.

As Jane Austen's books exhibit the geniality, pertinacity, and devotion of Austen's character, so I aspire to emulate such qualities in my own work. Jane Austen's books sustain a lighthearted tone, despite the fact that she held no widespread acclaim or overwhelming fortune during her lifetime. In the same way, I strive to maintain an enthusiastic and optimistic demeanor regardless of my circumstances. Austen's novels showcase the hard work Austen invested into her writing skills. In all areas of my life, from studying for tests to volunteering at my church, I put forth as much energy as possible to produce the best results. Though Austen realized that a writing career would not bring her the pleasures of fame or wealth, Austen continued writing because she loved to write; likewise, I attempt to pursue my interests without worrying over popularity or money, believing that fulfilling my purpose is more important than either. The characteristics of Jane Austen--optimism, assiduity, and fidelity--are characteristics I desire to foster in every area of my life.

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