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February 27, 2010
By AMJaeh DIAMOND, Gallatin, Tennessee
AMJaeh DIAMOND, Gallatin, Tennessee
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‎"The face of my enemy only frightens me when I see how much it resembles mine"
- Stanislaw J. Lec

a few neurons can make us all a morons dont you think?

Missing you isn't the issue I'm battling, loving you isn't part of the pain I'm feeling..the true reason behind my diagnosis is reaching out and only grasping the nights crisp air, knowing our fingers will never again intertwine, never again resting my head on your shoulder while gazing at the nights constallations.
When will I be able to tell my heart mind and soul that your existence will not reappear? you are truely gone.Why must you continue living in my dreams day and night?? My heart is not only filled with my last memory of you but also millions of tears that like an ocean will never be drained completely...no pain is great enough to make me stop loving you...

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