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Where would I be without a gf

April 24, 2010
By RaoulDuke SILVER, Florissant, Missouri
RaoulDuke SILVER, Florissant, Missouri
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I had my fair share of women. But for 6 months I was on my own and to tell you the truth, it was the worst 6 months of my existence. It started when my girl and I had a heated argument about something really stupid. (telephone bill or something) Anyway, she walked out on me, saying she can't take it anymore( our relationshp was rocky from the get go) We tried to work it out but in the ned, we both said we needed a break. So she moved out and I was without a girl. I tried to move on with my love life but I couldn't. I kept on saying the wrong things at dates and eventually not even my friends couldn't find me a date. I ended up spending have my time at Hooters, drinking Dr. Pepper and feeling sorry for myself. Then suddenly, I met this chick at the movies. Her name was.... and she was a beauty. She had long black silky hair and had these cute freckles. A couple of times we just chatted and then I finally got the nerve to ask her out. We went to this famous Italian restaurant and ended up back at my place. Theres really nothing much else I could say about it except that my life has dramatically changed since I met that girl. My ex, I found out later, hasn't a real relationship for ten months. Sorry sweetheart, you're out of luck.

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