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What is Success?

May 4, 2010
By SilentOnlooker10 SILVER, Hillsboro, Oregon
SilentOnlooker10 SILVER, Hillsboro, Oregon
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If you are first you are first, if you are second you are nothing.

I never thought I would be where I am today. I remember looking forward in time and having plans for my life, and now here I am looking back in disbelief and realizing how different I am from my own plans. Is it a good different? Where do I draw the line between success and failure? Who am I and what have I done? Constant questions plague my mind. I’ve done things that I wish I had never done…but I also have accomplished things I never would have dreamed of! Is that a success or a failure? What if my definition of success is wrong and I spend my whole life striving towards an empty goal? Success is different for every person. I will succeed in something that matters to me but may be totally meaningless to someone else. Who defines success? I define how I will reach my goals. I am in control of the presentation of myself and every aspect of who I am that is released in tangible form for others to attempt to grasp. Others will never know me like I know me, no matter how good my presentation of myself is. So does this mean others will never understand success the way I do? My successes may not appear the same across the boards? Success is defined by the goals of every individual. Everyone will accomplish some form of success, but not everyone’s success will be recognized as success. Failures are the stepping stones to get there. Sometimes our greatest successes lie just beyond our greatest failures and the ones who realize that are truly successful.

The author's comments:
A debate in my mind as I try to understand success.

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