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? The Girl in The Garadge ?

May 4, 2010
By NeverFallTooHard PLATINUM, Hartford, Wisconsin
NeverFallTooHard PLATINUM, Hartford, Wisconsin
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I went out to The Garadge,the place where my Daddy works on our Dirt Bikes. I don't like to ride,
but they're fun to watch so I just sit here on the sidelinges. This is also where my Daddy works on our cars. We have a nice GEO,
a purple mini van, a beat-up old blue Subaru, and a Blazer that doesn't work. My Daddy was working on the GEO today.

He said I had to help.I groaned and moaned,and all he said was,
"Suck it up; we need some bonding time." I knew what he meant;
He didn't want me to sit around the house doing nothing.I took it nicely,I knew I was lazy,I wanted to hide under a rock all day.

See, I'm not good with mechanics and stuff. In our driveway,
when I was twelve, my Daddy let me drive the car. Let's just say this;
I somehow mannaged to put the car,
while it was in drive,

into reverse,

and nerly hit the electric pole.

I was squimish and scared that I might run him over. "The car's not even on," my Mom said.I sighed and went to work.I went over to his desk and looked at the book that said:


"The calliper needs to be replaced. I did that. Now i need you to pump the break."

I stared at him blankly.

"Make your foot hit the pedal and make it go up and down," He simplified for me.
He knew I wasn't a mechanic, and for that I was greatfull.

I did as I was told. I made it go up and down, repeatedly. after 15-20 minutes, we were done. My brothers came back home from my neighboor's house and we talked. "You could be quite the cute little mechanic," My Daddy said.

When I asked my nieghboor, who is my best friend, all he did was shake his head and say,

"Someone as cute as you wouldn't EVER be a mechanic."

Remind you, he is my ex-boyfriend. And that (Even though this is obvious) he still likes me. I laughed a little, rolled my eyes and punched him lightly in the arm.

The author's comments:
OKAY! I wrote this while my mom DRANK her applesauce. It's all liquid-y and stuff! ANyway, yeah this is it. I think I'll post an actual pic of my Daddy's shop later.

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