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Party of the year

April 28, 2008
By Anonymous

“Wussup lil mama?!?”
Big Baby said as I walked in to his room " Wussup baby?!?” I answered as we shook hands. “Hay foo my parents are outta town for a week and I'm thinking about throwing a party tomorrow,”

It was the first week of the summer break, and we were like atoms bombs ready to blow up, full of stress from school and football practice. But now that we were out of school we were like rebels without a cause, my friend big baby was having a party at his house. I was excited about this party because I knew that it would be the best party of the summer and I was ready to blow off some steam.

I waited with anticipation for this certain event but I never though planning a party would be so hard, because after all, I did help. “Hey Eddie can you go to chellys house for the party cups?” I was sent on a mission, the one thing that parties can't live without. People don't understand that I used to be an alcoholic, my weekend consisted of getting drunk Friday and Saturday, then I would rest up on Sunday for the coming week. After years of extensive therapy and counseling I recovered.

Back to the story, I was sent on another important mission, the keg. The keg is the thing that makes a kickback into a full blown party, the thing that make kids into men, it separates the brave from the punks. I don't recommend to anyone the party life, unless they are ready to wake up next to someone they don't know, and stay out late every nite. All the people think that parting is easy, it's not because you have to be fully committed because if your not, you won't survive long.

After doing a couple missions, the party was set, we had a keg and Jell-O shots, and all we needed now was for the sun to go down and few more people to come to the party. It was like 10:00 pm and it was looking like a wack party , In my mind I was like " dang it man, I thougth it would be a good party, " There was only like 4 girls and like 10 guys , so it wasn't a very good ratio that we had going on . Once I had given up on the party , people started showing up like at 11:30 , and man was it crunk!!!!

The dance floor was packed with girls , the drank was pouring and we were all chillin , so far this seemed like the best party of the summer. There was so many people in big babys house that some people had to stand outside in the backyard . It was all good , but then the pandemonium came when some girls took off their shirt and started dancing on top of a table . From that point on , it all went downhill , all the people went crazy , crowding around the table ,pushing to get a better view kicking and screaming . I guess that with all that noise , the neighboors called the cops with a noise complaint , those bastards !!! At around 1:00 am , I was dancing when I noticed everyone running out the back door I was like " ohhhhh crap !!!!!"

I instantly knew what was going on , the "FUZZ" had shown up . I too ran out the back door , I didn't wanna go to the penn , but in the sudden rush to escape , me , my brother , and my cousin got separated, as we all ran separate ways. I ran down the alley then took a rigth turn on Don street , away from our school , then I made a quick left , and luckily for me my cousin lived 2 blocks from where the party was, so I headed there . Once I reached the house , I jumped in his backyard , as his dog barked at me but I like, " shut up eve!!! Its me eddie !!!" so then he stopped barking .

It was an amazing sigth because you would look down the street and you could see hundreds of people running away from the cops . Now that I was in a safe place my concern shifted towards meeting up with my brother and my cousin , so first I called up my brother ," hello??"
he answered , and I could tell by the tone of his voice that he was being chased by the cops ."where u at??"
" 2 blocks down the street "
"well hurry up and get to gera's house!"
"ok, I gotta go"

Next I called up my cousin, " hello ? "
" Jones where u at ? "
" over here getting a ride , cause I couldn't get my car, "
" Alrigth , well I'm at your house in your backyard , so hurry up alrigth !!"
" you better not make noise!!!! "
Shortly after I could see the faint figure of my brother running down the street full speed , rigth after my cousin got droped off . " Hey we can't stay here we need to go back for my car!!! " In my mind I didn't want to go back into the lions den , so I told my cousin " why are we gonna go back to where the cops are at ? That's stupid!!! "
" Eddie why you scared?? quit being a pussy the cops aint gonna do nothing"
" aite what ever lets go ...'

As we walked tru the allies looking back just in case some cop ran up on us , we heard a siren , it didn't sound far away , maybe about 30 yards , we got frigthened and ran . That was foolish of us , as we ran into a trap , we had been set up by the cops . We ran out the ally into the street , there was 2 cop cars one on each end of the street , so I did the first instinc that came to my mind , I jetted . We all ran in a group back towards big babes house , the plan was to run tru his house , tru the back door , and then tru the ally back to my cousins house .

But the cops were ahead of us , they drove behind us almost hitting us with their cars , stopping us on our tracks.
" Put your hands up and have a seat on the curve !!!!! " Over the course of 3 months I spent 85 hours doing community service due to my arrest , it sucked so now I'm trying to stay on the low .

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