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Take a Closer Look

October 18, 2010
By Madison Fisher PLATINUM, New City, New York
Madison Fisher PLATINUM, New City, New York
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In the middle of a field, with the grass around me, I seek clarity. I am bombarded with the clutter and noise of life everyday, yet here I can sort through my thoughts and dissect them one by one. One thought at a time; one action at a time. No multitasking or juggling. Fine work and true effort comes from throwing ones’ self whole-heartedly into the project at hand, not stopping until it is complete. No other distractions can get in the way if you are focused on one thing and one thing only. The wind caresses my cheek and playfully tussles my hair reminding me of my purpose. To refine the mess of my uncompleted thoughts and condense them into fully developed ideas. No more loose ends to tie up. Everything is neatly in its place, labeled, color coded, and ordered in my brain. No more broad searches to find what I’m looking for, like a search through my computer’s files to find that one English paper I needed to print. Not anymore; no. Everything is where it should be and every idea is single and by itself. Man cannot achieve anything if his goals are broad and jumbled and discombobulated in his brain. People thrive off organization and need it to survive. Clarity, refinement, simplicity. Focus on the topic at hand. I tilt my face up to the sky and the sun’s golden rays kiss my hand as I block them from my view. I squint and look at my surroundings but do not see them. Not really see them anyway. Not the way the grass dances and waves as a particularly strong wind blows, or how the squirrels jump from branch to branch playing a risky game with each other, or even the soft rocking of the trees that mirror a boat in the sea. I don’t see anything of these things even though I am looking. I am not focusing on each individual piece but at the scene as a whole, which dooms me to a broad and bland sight. I am holding myself back from experiencing everything about life that I can, because I am not taking the time to treat each individual piece of it as its own but rather the entire scene as a whole. I miss out on the details because I am only seeing the big picture.

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