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October 26, 2010
By keke317 SILVER, Indianapoils, Indiana
keke317 SILVER, Indianapoils, Indiana
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I was on my way home one day from school,and I noticed that a storm cloud was coming.I didn’t pay it any attention until I felt that it was beginning to rain.Before it rains you could always tell by the scent in the air.I told myself that it was okay just speed up.They it began to storm.It was getting really dark and it started raining pretty hard.I couldn’t see any thing right then .The wind was blowing so hard that it was knocking over things.Llimp branches were falling off the trees as I was going by,but I was so happy that I was only two streets away from my home.The street were puddling,the cars were slowing down because the wind and the rain was hitting the window.I could hear that it was thunder pretty hard.Cars were hunking the horns because of the other cars slowing down.Finally,I reached my home.A place I can go to.To change my clothes and to get into the heat.I reached for the door knob and proceeded to open the door.I reached for the light switch and try to turn on the lights,but none came on.Thats when I discovered that the lights had gone out because of the storm.

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