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December 27, 2010
By Nelle PLATINUM, Crewkerne, Other
Nelle PLATINUM, Crewkerne, Other
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Tap-tap, goes my pencil, it is anal as it continues its determined tune. Tap-tap-tap. My head lifts, slowly, dreamily and ready. It is heavy and it looks at the paper that haunts my existence. Tap-tap-tap. I am tired and the tapping continues, my ideas are idle in this steady progression of procrastination is setting in. Tap-tap-tap. The screen will close; my mortal mind will be consumed. Tap-tap-tap. I am gone; it has won the ever engrossing battle. All hope of essay writing lost. I am lost. It is Robot Unicorn Attack.

The author's comments:
I find writing hard when I feel this way. I feel as if I do not write I will never write again which is a very stressful process which totally frazzles my mind, but makes writing completely necessary because I know the way my procrastination works if I do not write now I will never write again. So here are the inane ramblings of my semi-conscious and annoyingly determined mind. Brava, for anyone who knows the brilliance of Robot Unicorn Attack, if you don’t – try it.

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