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You Never Asked....

January 10, 2011
By Katie_Potatie PLATINUM, Leavenworth, Kansas
Katie_Potatie PLATINUM, Leavenworth, Kansas
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The day I met you I knew something was different about you. I just didn’t know that that “something” was that you’d be worse than all the rest. You told me you knew me more than I knew myself, but the truth is that you don’t know me at all. I didn’t think it was possible for me to love anything other than you, but I do. I only thought that because you never asked.
I love people. No matter how mad my friends make me or what my parents tell me, I still love them. I love picking up something a litte kid dropped on the ground and handing it back to them or reaching to get something on the top shelf for an old lady at the grocery store. I love the little things in life, even when you rushed me away from them.
I love music. No matter how much you complained about me playing the same song over and over again, I still love it. I love the way country music makes you think and the way hip hop makes you want to dance. I love the way rock makes you want to throw your hair around and the way love songs make you want to cry. I love the meaning hidden in the lyrics, even when you just wanted to change the station.
I love the outdoors. No matter how muddy, sunny, rainy or cold it really is, I still love it. I love when the sun reflects off my sunglasses and makes a rainbow or when the snow is perfect enough to make a snowman family. I love the smell of the air after it rains and the sun comes out or when the dust from sidewalk chalk covers your fingers and you have no choice but to wipe it on your bare legs. I love being a child at heart, even when you just wanted me to grow up.
I love writing. No matter how silly and amusing or how deep and serious, I still love it. I love how I can take my emotions and put them into words that just flow onto the paper or how I can close my eyes and picture everything that I write. I love how my entire life can be hidden behind a single paragraph or how I don’t even have to try to put feelings into my words, it just happens. I love letting out whats been held in for so long, even when you didn’t want to hear a single thing I wrote down.
I love talking. No matter who, what, where, when, or why I still love it. I love talking about politics and the economy with adults or laughing about boogers with little kids. I love gossiping with a giant group of girls in my room, chatting about basketball with a ton of my guy friends at school, or talking one on one about everything with someone at dinner. I love having lots of conversations with all types of people, even when you just wanted me to shut up.
I love life. No matter how many crazy times or boring nights, I still love it. I love taking risks and doing things I normally wouldn’t do or laying in my bed on a Saturday night playing video games. I love not knowing whats going to come around the corner or planning out every minute of an entire day. I love being a little unstable when it comes to life, even when all you wanted was to plan my life out for me.
I love “Love”. No matter how hectic and annoying or happy and perfect, I still love it. I love knowing that there’s someone out there who is perfect for me and who will love me for who I am or not knowing who that person is or when they’re going to pop into my life. I love kissing in the rain and everything being perfect just like in the movies or play fighting and singing off-key to our favorite songs together. I love believing that I’ve finally found that person who loves me for who I am, even when you just want me to be unhappy.
I love myself. No matter how many times you put me down or told me I just wasn’t enough, I still love me. I love dancing around in my room with my sister or sitting at my computer until midnight typing whats stuck in my head. I love laughing at myself for being such a dork or talking on the phone for hours on end. I love exactly who I am, even if you still don’t.

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We were together for almost a year. And now we aren't. But I'm happy where I am. I'm moving on...

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