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It Happened But I'm Here

January 1, 2008
By Anonymous

It happeed but I'm here. It was April 11, 2006 when my life was changed forever. It was about 6:45 when I left the house with my mother and my twin brothers who were only about 12 months at the time. We were on our way to a parent's conference. Just because I had missed a big project but that's another story itself. So we arrive at the school and my mom decides to park in the parking lot across the street. I have this thing where I constantly need to know the time, so as she left I saw that it was 7:13. I sat in the car and messed with the radio. I checked the time again it was 7:15. I turned my head and looked out the passenger window when the door opened. I didn't really think anything of it, figuring it was my mother even though she had left two minutes ago. Then I smelt beer and cigarettes, so out of instinct I turned my head to see this man in the car. I was in complete and utter shock. So many things went through my mind. I started to scream out the window but he began to put it up. I took off the light spring jacket I had and put it over him and started hitting and punching. I grabbed the nearest objects which was a pen that ironically my mother had left on the seat and some open cd's and continued hitting. He fought back but gave up, I guess realizing that I was one to put up a fight. He ran out and left. During this battle I had yelled out " I won't let you take us!" He may have said something I'm not sure, but I do know one of my brothers started crying when i yelled. At 7:17 my mom showed up and from there it went to the police and my schools in a matter of two weeks. On my wall hangs the newspaper article of what happened that day. I look at the sketch that was condemned at the police station and vow to never let anything like that happen to me ever again. Although it's been awhile since I've told my story, I never seem to forget no matter how hard I try. But I always think it hapened, but I'm here.

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on Jun. 2 2010 at 3:28 pm
This was very well-written.  I'm surprised that he left.  You are so great and handled the cituation to the best of your ability. :)

Jessie123 said...
on Apr. 3 2010 at 8:14 am
Jessie123, Ann Arbor, Michigan
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That would be SOOOO scary. As for your writing, you maybe could've put a little bit more emotion in there. Otherwise it was pretty good.