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My True Love

March 20, 2011
By GzusFreak10 GOLD, Staten Island, New York
GzusFreak10 GOLD, Staten Island, New York
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How can I describe this Love of mine? He has done everything to prove that He loves me. He is kind and tender. He puts up with my random babbling. He is patient with me. He loves kids. He's there for everyone He knows. He loves me for who I am. He's compassionate and merciful. He doesn't get angry at me often. He gives me answers when I ask for them. He shows me how to become the best version of myself, but loves the me I am. He's never too busy to talk to me. He's there to laugh and cry with me. He is an artist, a writer, a psycologist, a doctor, a teacher, and a good friend. He listens when I'm worried and calms me down when I'm angry. He is faithful and true to me.
Doesn't this One sound perfect? there's only one of Him, and no one else is like Him. Oh, you want to know His name? It's Jesus Christ. He is the one who loves me. He is my true love.

The author's comments:
I wrote this after a night of revelation for me. I had asked God to get my mind off of guys in general and onto Him. The night I wrote this, I saw a guy who I had had the biggest crush in the world on. Then, as I stood next to him, just talking, I realized I was cool with him, but didn't have a crush on him or anyone else. That was when I started to call God names--good names, like "faithful," "loving," and "awesome." This is dedicated to all those who think God might have given up on them. Know that God is still your true love who will never give up on you, no matter what you've done. If God can answer my prayers, He can certainly answer yours.

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on Mar. 29 2011 at 4:35 pm
GzusFreak10 GOLD, Staten Island, New York
17 articles 0 photos 102 comments
Please comment on my work! I want to know what people think of my writing! And help me make my writing better--i know i could improve! lol