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Goodbye to us

March 30, 2011
By KelseyLei GOLD, Seffner, Florida
KelseyLei GOLD, Seffner, Florida
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In the events of the past few months I have realized the mistake I made. Sadly enough it is too late. I can not explain to you the pain that I feel. I could never tell you how I still can not deal with my goodbye. But I know you are fine, and you seem so happy now so I have to say goodbye for the last time, in the best way I know how…

Goodbye to our feelings that were always so true. Goodbye to the sixteen months I spent with you. Goodbye to everything we ever had, and now this will get really sad. Goodbye to the way ive always loved you, seems to me it would never do. The way you would hold me so close and tight. And how everything always felt right. I would be lying if I said im okay and id be lying if I told you I didn’t wish I had stayed. We started off so young and naïve but somehow we made it through a lot. And I have to thank you for every sweet memory and loving me without a stop. Im sorry fro the way things have happened. Im sorry that we ever ended. Goodbye to such a good thing we had, it was fun while it lasted. You were all I ever needed and im sorry that im realizing that now. Goodbye to our kisses. Goodbye to the hugs, the looks the touches the way you always held me. Goodbye to the best friend I always counted on, you’re no longer who I thought you were. Goodbye to every little thing that made us complete. Goodbye to being a couple and being you and me. Goodbye to us and honestly I hate to see you leave. Don’t get me wrong im glad you’re happy you deserve it after me. But if you asked id gladly take the place, id be by your side in a heartbeat. Maybe one day we can reunite maybe one day we won’t fight. I hope that day comes soon. But until then goodbye my old best friend. And I hope she treats you the way you deserve because you shouldn’t put up with someone who doesn’t. You deserve nothing then the best and I hope she makes you happy and all the rest. And I hope you know that if you ever need me im nothing but a phone call away. And always remember someone loves you for you and always stay the same. So goodbye you, goodbye us. It kills me inside not having you and knowing it’s my fault. And even worse knowing I hurt you. I would do anything for you and I would give anything to have you back. I still can’t believe everything we’ve been through and how with some things we just couldn’t deal with and it broke us. But I know that I loved you with everything I had and I still do and there’s no way that would ever change. Even if you don’t feel the same for me anymore you’re still my everything. Nine months after breaking up with you and my world still revolves around you… I guess it just goes to show I really don’t think about what im doing, but you already knew that. You were one of the only people who really knew and understood me. We live and we learn and im doing both. The mistake of my yesterdays is killing me more each day. I cant stop loving you and I could never forget what we had. You meant and still mean a lot to me and I know no matter what I say you aren’t coming back, you seem very happy where you are. And I respect that, that’s why this isn’t forgive me this is goodbye. Goodbye to our once everything and goodbye to you. I don’t know for how long and I still don’t understand why. But its goodbye. I know you deserve much better then what I gave you and I hope you find that with her. I hope she is everything you want and need and so much more because you deserve it. Just don’t forget anything ive told you and most of all don’t forget what I meant to you and what you still mean to me.
I will always love you <3

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