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The Picture Worth a Thousand Words

April 17, 2011
By alyssabeliebs21 PLATINUM, LaGrange, Illinois
alyssabeliebs21 PLATINUM, LaGrange, Illinois
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I flatten the picture against the bulletin board and slide a tack into either side of the photo. I stare dreamily back at the captured moment- our four bodies laid on the newly fallen snow- reminiscing...

The frigid winter air bit and pinched my exposed face and neck. The freshly fallen snow was being patted to the ground with my every step. The night was clear and the five of us lagged behind everyone else as we all slid our way through the icy streets.

I took a quick running start and then planted my feet, allowing the slipperiness of the ice to carry my body another seven feet. I see Riley leap over a large snow bank. At the same moment, a powerful slam crashes my body to the hard concrete and knocks the breath from my lungs. I look up at Cassidy standing above me, our collision being the cause of my fall. We both burst into a fit of giggles and she helped me back to my feet.

The rest of our friends' laughter drifted back to us from over a block away. I turn and see Riley and Chris lifting armfuls of snow and chucking them at each other. A few feet away, Eric stands under a streetlight, laughing breathlessly.

“Guys! You can stop horsing around now!” Cassidy bellowed at them while sliding her camera in and out of the sleeve of her leather jacket.

The boys started to make their way to the sidewalk and Cassidy and I followed closely behind.

Suddenly, Chris stormed his way through the snow in a nearby front yard. “Snow angels!”

We laughed. The snow had melted through my hair, settled on my scalp and left puddles of cold wetness, but I still liked Chris' idea.

Riley had already followed Chris and was waving Cassidy and I over with a frozen-red hand.

Eric took Cassidy's camera from her hands. “Go, I'll take a picture.”

Clutching onto Cassidy's arm, I carefully made my way to the the snow next to Riley and Chris. We stood in a line and Riley intertwined his fingers with Chris and I, so I took Cassidy's hand in mine. The wind picked up and blew my tangled, wavy strands into my eyes. Eric raised the camera to snap the picture. The camera's bright screen lit up and put a special splash of color into his crystal blue eyes. He tapped the silver button.

“Fall!” yelled Chris. I shifted my weight into my heals and leaned backwards towards the snow. Within seconds my back sunk into the cold winter blanket and small puffs of snow clouded above us. We all giggled and squealed as the cold seeped through our coats and jeans. Though my legs and boots were quickly numbing from the cold, my chest filled with warmth and exhilaration and my hands kept warm tangled with my good friends'. The camera flashed, capturing the warmest memory I've had all winter.

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