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Thin Line

July 10, 2011
By NatashaRevercomb SILVER, Oxnard, California
NatashaRevercomb SILVER, Oxnard, California
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Taste your lips and feel your skin <3

“S***!” “B****!” “W****!”

That’s all I hear. Name after name through anonymous screen names and unknown callers.
The torture, the bullying, the countless bottles of pills. I wish it would go away.
I’m bleeding on the inside. On the outside, I’m just fine.

“Why?” I stupidly ask, “What puts me in those categories?”
No answer. Like usual. I sit there waiting for the caller to respond, instead, they hang up.
The anonymous people who taunt me online never answer my questions; They just harass me even more.

“Look in a mirror, I bet you don’t even see yourself, You see a stripper.”
That’s not even clever, but it hurts.
I looked in the mirror after that, I cried to the mirror, just like they want me to.

Eyeliner is now smudged across my face. Dripping into my mouth. Inside my braces.

I ran to kitchen to rinse my mouth. I got a cup of water, and by instinct, I got the bottle of Tylenol too.

Inside the bathroom is my secret place. My mom yells at me for spending too much time in there. I wish she would open the door for once, and stop me from swallowing.
I wish she would stop for a second to ask what I do in there, I would lie to her, but she would know. I can’t lie. She would know. All too well.

My phone started ringing. “Hello.”
“Hey b****, I heard you kissed my ex boyfriend.”
“I did”
They hung up.

I began to reach for another pill when my phone rang again..
“ I love you.”
They hung up.

I don’t know who it was. I don’t care who it was. I do know, and do care, that it made me put the pills down. For tonight at least.

The author's comments:
If you wouldn't say it in person, Don't say it online.
I'm tired of getting cyber-bullied.

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