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Three Years

July 12, 2011
By Kitti-Chan PLATINUM, Wichita, Kansas
Kitti-Chan PLATINUM, Wichita, Kansas
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Its been three years...
And it hasn't gotten easier.
Like people said it would.
I still miss him, like crazy.
I still cry for him.
I need his companionship.
I still want just be able to see him, one last time. Just to say good-bye...
Because I never got to.
I knew he would die, I always knew it.
But I thought I'd be able to say good-bye,
I thought I'd be able to to tell him I love him, one last time.
Tell him he will always be my best friend.
Tell him no one will ever replace him.
Tell him to not forget me when he went to heaven.
That day, my heart broke, shattered.
And everyday I still piece it back together,
Hoping one day I'll be whole.
But I know I probably never will be.
But the space in my heart will always belong to him, and no one will ever take his spot.
Because I won't allow it.
Because I won't let go.
Because he was my best friend.
Because he still is.

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