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That Hug...

November 1, 2011
By Lit.rox BRONZE, Kandy, Other
Lit.rox BRONZE, Kandy, Other
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I know this girl from school, who, I think is the most sensitive I could ever think of.

Tears start rushing down her eyes, even for the minutest things.We keep advising her to change this attitude of hers, saying she would find it difficult to face the challenges of life, if it continued.To this, she keeps giving the same old reply, 'No.I cannot do it.That's my nature.Why don't you people understand?'. I pray to God for her 'nature' to change.
Anyway, the purpose of my writing this article is different.This particular girl has been facing another problem during the past few weeks ; Pimples.She had started using a new type of cream recently, that brought pimples to her face , to add to all her unnecessary worries.She keeps crying endlessly at school, refusing to join conversations , occupying a corner in her classroom, isolated.She has been consulting doctors to take care of her pimples and is undergoing treatment.She expected the pimples to vanish within the first intake of her treatment and when it didn't, she started weeping as if the world was about to end.

A few days back , when I met her (when her face was free of tears) , I thought of something that would make her feel better; I said to her , 'Hey, your pimples, it's reducing!'.The next second , I was within her arms that held me as tight as they could.She squealed into my ears, "Wow! are you serious? Thank you so much".I had no idea that my words could create such an impact on her,
it felt so good to see her smile at last , after a very long time.I think I felt better than she would have at that moment...that meant a lot.

The author's comments:
Make someone feel better and see how you'll feel...

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on Dec. 18 2011 at 8:21 pm
kiLLaBLoke3 GOLD, Kegalle, Other
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Favorite Quote:
Never worry if u have or had any bad, bitter experiences, because, that can be what made u perfect or better than how u were.

I like the attitude of the writer...

It's lovely...... 5 stars (I give)

zee11 said...
on Nov. 8 2011 at 9:53 am
zee11, Kandy, Other
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I totally agree with you....making someone happy makes you feel good too......Thumbs up!!!!!