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Driver's Ed Romance

November 8, 2011
By Shaniqua GOLD, Des Moines, Iowa
Shaniqua GOLD, Des Moines, Iowa
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I met him in driver’s ed. Well, kind of. We had assigned seats. I was praying somehow my last name would magically start with a B and I could be with my best friend.
Didn’t happen. The large, white room was like a canvas. Blank. Dead. No life.
I was barely a 9th grader and I already hated high school. Worse yet I was in the front row. I sat next to one of my friends, and her name is Emma. Bryce sat behind me. I sort of knew him. And then, out of the last people to be sat down in a seat, was a blonde god. He held his books in his palm, barely clenching them. He seemed tired, or cool, or both. Somewhere in the middle. Since it was 8 a.m. and in the middle of the summer we were all tired. My breathe caught when he sat down. I had the best seat in the room. He gave me a side glance and smiled a crooked smile. I looked away and blushed.
I’m going to embarrass myself. FML.
He tapped his pencil on the hard wooden desk.
I moved around in my seat. It squeaked. Some idiot farted in the back. Probably Jack. I giggled and that turned into out-right laughter. Emma and Bryce laughed, it sounded like bells and a tuba somehow working together. I hated my laugh. Why did it have to be so loud? He looked at me and smiled. I had the laugh that made others laugh without even knowing what was so funny.
He was so hot. When I thought about him I relaxed and felt like I had drank a cup of hot chocolate with baby marshmellows. He made me warm. It still looked like crap outside because it was still spring, but I felt like it was in the middle of the summer, and my skin was breathing in the sun. Basking in it.
“Today we are going to assign books…” The class all let out a breathe. Easy Day. There was at least 50 kids in the class, this would take the whole 2 hour period. Blonde God next to me moved around in his desk. His dark haired friend moved desks and sat next to him. They chatted. I was wondering what grade the hot guy next to me was in when Kim came by.
“Hey, girl.” Kim smiled. Hot guy moved again.
“So.” Kim smiled again. She already knew I liked this guy without even looking behind me. Maybe it was the glimmer in my eye. Maybe it was my smile. I wasn’t sure, but she just knew.
“So.” I smiled. We probably looked like idiots but we were playing a dangerous game of speaking without words. He’s hot. She said. You’re so lucky. I winked.
After class I finally had a book, my first assignment, which was to read a whole chapter and answer like 40 questions about it, and a huge crush. I was screwed. Maybe he was from another school. My heart sank. Just my luck he probably was. He walked out of the class last. He had that cool stride about him. The sun made his hair white. My friends smiled because they already knew. He got in the car and looked out the window. Our gazes met. Then he sped away. I crossed my fingers and closed my eyes before turning to face my friends again. I prayed. Please let something happen.

The author's comments:
This is really embarrassing, but I still like this guy! Haha well sorry if I made spelling mistakes.

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