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Future Before My Eyes

December 19, 2011
By noemi BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
noemi BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
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I remember that day so clearly I couldn’t stop worrying and you could tell that something was wrong. You kept on insisting me to tell you but I would only say you’ll think it’s stupid, but you were there anyway ready just in case I changed my mind. You tried to make me happy, so you tried feeding me, you were missing my mouth but still a laugh wasn’t enough for you. So I told you, I told you that I feared that you were going to leave me. And like I thought you didn’t believe it, I told you you’ll think its stupid but you just said don’t worry I won’t leave you that you won’t leave me for any one. So I made you promise me not to go out with anyone else when you’re away, and you did. He left happy thinking I got it all out. But the fact is I didn’t tell him all of it or at least the truth. I just couldn’t it tear me just thinking about it and I couldn’t have spoken of it. I’ve seen the future before my eyes. I saw you leaving me for one of your ex-girlfriends from school. I saw you thinking about another girl instead of me. And I felt it to. When I was thinking about you all the time part of me said I’m wasting my time because his already thinking of someone else. But I didn’t want to believe it. Every nerve in my body then started denying that he loved me, that he was with me for something else. Just to have. But I was so in love with him I didn’t want to hear it. So I have tried to prepare myself for that day but just couldn’t. So yes I knew this was coming but I didn’t think it would be that one special important day of my life.

Everything was going so perfect so happy until I saw that you were upset or that at least something was wrong with you just like me that one day. But you didn’t tell me anything, not even one word. So you left it, you left that job to my friend your “friend”. When you left he told me everything. , that you were going to leave me for your ex-girlfriend from school, but you didn’t just because you made that stupid promise, you said. , you wanted to break up with me. Why didn’t you, everything would have been better if you told me, not my friend. Everything would’ve been better if you just broke up with me, Why didn’t you?! Why did you even go out with me? Just so you can have entertainment for the summer. When we were alone having “our moments” you were a great actor. You made it seem so real for me, like I was in this magical paradise. Everyone told me to not worry about you cause you were different from other guys but I guess your not. I guess everyone just didn’t know you well enough. After all just like you said “you love lying.”

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