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January 7, 2012
By BlueWillow BRONZE, Linesville, Pennsylvania
BlueWillow BRONZE, Linesville, Pennsylvania
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I remember a time, when I was younger. Stephen, my other brothers, and I would go outside on the front lawn, and play with a green ball, much bigger than my own little body. Three years after that, Stephen takes me to my first real Church service. Six years later, he takes me out to get chewy cookie dough ice cream, from the shop down the street. Now, Stephen doesn't go anywhere, or do anything with me. Now he is serving with the Army. It's not been long since I've last seen him, but still his absence is here. A still, distant star in the early morning sky, a quiet breeze blowing by. I don't completely understand his choices, or what he does, but I understand this; He loves his country and his family so much that he is out there for them. For us. I'm proud to say that tears have fallen from my eyes in honor of him. I wish to say, I love you Stephen.

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