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Darkness Is Me

January 8, 2012
By Kyuubi9Tails SILVER, Washington, District Of Columbia
Kyuubi9Tails SILVER, Washington, District Of Columbia
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Dude.......if you don't understand what I just said, there is no hope for you now.

I feel the hands of darkness pull me in deeper and deeper where I feel as if I am going mad. I can not express this anger for such reasons. The person who causes this anger only laughs at what I say. If they do not laugh, it is always the other expression of dominant, powerful, and hateful rage. This person may have created me but the power they show decreases with age Now near their mid-60's I will soon rebel. i will show that simple minded, close theorized, ignorant, arrogant, dominatrix of a parent what came from there genes! Out of all this anger and emotion, there is still a small child at a young age wanting to be held by her mother and father. Crying out for some type of feeling other than the numbness taking over her. But even so, out of all the darkness surrounding me, I wear the only light for comfort. I wear it because the only loved one I have is somewhere in this district thinking about me, loving me from afar. If I could feel what he feels by tenfold I wouldn't be drowning..

but the love pulls me out of my darkness each day with just one token of light in the shape of darkness itself.

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