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February 12, 2012
By Dancing2222 GOLD, Sandy, Utah
Dancing2222 GOLD, Sandy, Utah
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I believe in headaches. I believe in little things that when added up together make our days extremely difficult. I believe that that pounding headache you have right above your left eyebrow that’s starting to spread across your forehead and up into your hairline is not such a bad thing, although it make seem like it at the time. I believe that that pounding ipredetermineded for you to have, maybe not that particular headache, but pain in general. I believe in hurting.

Ever since I was a toddler, I get massive stomach aches almost daily. I used to be confused for why this particular trial was put upon me, but now I realize: it has made me stronger. I believe that is our purpose as a human race; to become stronger and grow into better people. Now many would disagree that life has no purpose and we are all just floating around for no reason. Now it may be because I am a logical person, but that seems unlikely to me. Some would say: “Why isn’t life easy? Why are we here? Why do we have challenges?” I say “why not?”

Not all pain is physical. Half of the time it’s mental or emotional. As teenagers, most of us deal with the emotional side more because of mood swings or teenage romance. But sadly, a few here and there deal with extreme physical pain. I believe physical pain is worse than emotional, because physical pain causes emotional pain too. Let’s say a 17 year old boy had his entire life planned out, he was going to go to college and eventually become a NFL player. He was on the right road and then found out he had Leukemia, his entire life completely stops. He would question himself, God, his life, and would be challenged with the physical pain of the cancer and the emotional pain of losing his family, friends, and his life. Now this is quite extreme, and happens on very rare occasions, but some people do go through things like that.
I believe that sometimes very bad things happen to very good people, but only because their life is so good that something terrible has to happen in order for them to grow and become stronger. Take one of my best friends for example. She is the kindest person I know; she made the right decisions, was nice to everyone, and would never hurt a fly. But her parents divorced, they both remarried, and she had to move to another state and leave her friends at home. For a while I felt so bad for her, and I still do, but now I know that there is a very specific reason for this to happen to her.
I believe that life’s purpose is to be challenged. After all “Everyone wants happiness, no one wants pain, but you can’t make a rainbow without a little rain”

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