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Introduction to Business

March 15, 2012
By AngelBaron PLATINUM, Dallas, Oregon
AngelBaron PLATINUM, Dallas, Oregon
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"Everything has been figured out, except how to live. " -Jean-Paul Sartre

"Hello and welcome to class; in this class we will be learning how to-"

I didn't hear the rest of her sentence because he walked in the door. He wasn't late, the bell hadn't rang yet, as if it had been waiting for him to walk in the door. In the split second during its chime our eyes meet and his flash a cool anger. He hadn't expected to see me in one of his classes.

My heart pounds in my chest and the breath that I held is caught in my throat on exhale. I am choking on air. A lump forms in my throat- a golf ball of lust, anger and regret.

He takes the seat diagonal from me and my eyes settle on his face. Pouring over his emerald green eyes and taking in the firmness of his jawline the way I used to indulge myself. Except now it's in secret that I must look. My secret is revealed when he meets my gaze. A flush comes to my cheeks and I turn my lips up in a smile hoping to ward off his anger.

I wasn't expecting him to smile back, but still my heart sinks into my stomach as he turns away with a look of disgust. This class isn't what I hoped for; it won't be an introduction to business.

All this will be is a throw back to a year ago. An affair long ago ended and regretted-welcome to the final chapter.

The author's comments:
This happened the first day of 3rd trimester in class.

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