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Typical Asian?

March 26, 2012
By hannahc BRONZE, Havertown, Pennsylvania
hannahc BRONZE, Havertown, Pennsylvania
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Think about all the stereotypes you can think of. A lot probably just flooded into your mind. Well, trust me I know both ends of it. Let's look at this scenario shall we? The typical Asian family, rice every meal, small little people running around with the brains beyond compare, extreme accents, and the list continues. Where to begin?!

Television likes to portray the typical over dramatic Asian dramas as the actual family scenario. Stereotypes are just made based off of someone's experience with a couple Asians, and making assumptions that those similarities, apply to every other Asian in the entire world. Some of the stereotypes are true, but most them, not so much. Yes, Asians consume an obnoxious amount of rice because that is our culture, but that doesn't mean that every food product we eat have rice with it in any sort of way. The whole grades things, yeah... that seems to be true with most of the Asian parents because they want us to fulfill an impossible dream that they dreamed, couldn't accomplish, so they pour that dream ten-fold unto us. There's actually a system that we Asians have created to show our version of the meaning behind the different letter grades we receive:
A- Average
B- Below average
C- Extreme disappointment
D- Death
F- Not even an option, because if you receive that grade, you might as well run while you still can!

Stereotypes can be very amusing and entertaining, but they can be extremely hurtful as well. Think about all the different stereotypes people have played against you. Not so fun all of the time is it? Do you really think that Jewish people stop at every corner of the street picking up spare change? That’s just a hurtful, false stereotype. That stereotype was developed when Jewish people were only given jobs that required dealing with money. Stereotypes are hurtful and demeaning.

The next time we decide to look at person and immediately decide to judge the person by a stereotype, stop and re-think. Would that person feel offended or just laugh along with you? Don’t say anything you wouldn’t say in front of their face. Get to know a person first, then depending on the person, joke around with the stereotypes; just don’t base the person off of them.

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