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The Girl and the Dandelions

April 19, 2012
By GodSpell98 GOLD, Lincoln, Nebraska
GodSpell98 GOLD, Lincoln, Nebraska
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The girl walked slowly through the ankle-high grass, kicking the dandelions. They seemed to be her only friends right now. Tiny white bugs and fuzz from the seeds floated upward with each step.
The sounds of kids yelling and playing football were all around, and the girl tried to ignore them while she thought about what just happened.
The girl was sick of the friend's constant complaining about the girl's boyfriend. Today it was the boyfriend wouldn't give the friend a cookie, and she gave the other friend a cookie, and the friend said 'it wasn't fair,' and even though she had stuck by the boyfriend and the friend when her other popular friends made fun of the girl and boyfriend, the boyfriend still refused to give the friend a cookie, even though whenever the friend had asked before the boyfriend had given her one!
The girl, tired of the friend's constant whining, tried to walk over to her other friends, but the friend called her back, she wasn't done talking to her!
So the girl had simply walked out into the mist to be with the friends who did not complain and care about the consistency of cookies--the dandelions. The ones who never cared about what she wore or anything else.
The girl stooped and plucked one from the ground. "I wish that everything would be fine again," the girl wished, and blew the seeds away, floating delicately, only to get struck down like planes from the sky, only instead of gunfire, it was small drops of rain.
The laughter turned to screams as the children realized what was happening and made too big a deal out of it, as usual.
The girl like the rain. She smiled up into the dark, oppressing clouds, and spun around, enjoying the gently touch of the cloud's cold fingers pattering down.
The girl ran through the dandelion patch, kicking them down and sending wishes flying. With each kick there was a secret wish.
The girl plucked another dandelion and saw how all the white fuzz, like gelled, insane-scientist hairdos, was sticking straight up and clumping together as drops changed their world.
The teachers blew their whistles, once they realized it was raining, ushering all the kids inside like cattle into a slaughterhouse.
The girl wished one more time:
"I wish all my friends were like the dandelions."
And so ended the mass dandelion break.

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