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A FULL TIME JOB: "Being a teenager"

August 29, 2012
By TalentedFingers BRONZE, Dubai, Other
TalentedFingers BRONZE, Dubai, Other
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Annoying Mother Acts / 1: “Take that off!”
“Well, maybe I am desperate after all” I thought. “Desperate to live like this” I was dreading this conclusion for so long I couldn’t even see it. I was stuck with her and there was nothing I could do. And I’m not talking about a short time, if you know what I mean. I am talking about a very long and discouraging time till the minute I’m 18-legally an adult. If you have parents that are divorced and you’re living with a control-freak mother and an annoying brother, you already know what I’m dealing with. Not the best of what life offers, but with a deep breath I take in, here’s what it’s like to be a teenager at my age; 16.
Dressing up for a birthday party that’s going to take place first at the cinema than at my friend’s house, I wore my fanciest and flirtiest clothes. I already had organized my outfit from yesterday since I knew I had no time at all to combine anything today. I reached for my denim shorts and a crop top shirt pulling them over me and fixing them on my body. I wore laced thin tights and an elegant black cardigan because of the cold caused by autumn. Quick shot at the mirror and I knew I was looking good. My hair made in a loose bun in the hairdresser and my nails manicured. I was ready to go. There was 10 minutes till my friends mom would pick me up so I quickly grabbed my biggest handbag and tossed everything I thought I would need. Yesterday when I was arranging my cloths I totally forgot about packing my bag; I was going to a sleepover at the birthday girl’s house. PJ’s in. Perfume and makeup in. Deo and my toothbrush in. I headed towards the shoe cupboard and wore one of my highest heels. I could feel my stomach aching with hunger so despite the fact we were going to have lunch in 20 minutes before the cinema, I rushed to the kitchen opening the fridge roughly and took out some cheese and salami. I got a hold of the bread and sliced it trying to prepare myself a sandwich when my mom walked in.
“Jenny?” she said in a low tone, almost a whisper.
“Yes?” I answered taking a bite from my sandwich.
“Where do you think you’re going?”
I hesitated a bit knowing where this was going. “To my friend’s house, remember? We talked about it mom.”
“I know” she replied. “I know I gave permission for you to go to the party. But the funny thing is I don’t remember letting you go there dressed up like a s***.”
“S***?” I said sarcastically. There’s no way I was going to change my clothes when my friends mom was going to come in 5 minutes, now. And when my crush was also attending the party.
“You heard me.” She shouted. “Go change right now!”
I looked at her in disbelief. “Ashley’s mom is here in 5 minutes mom!” I shouted. “I’m not changing!”
She looked at me annoyed, and angry.
“Well, I’ve got a better idea Jenny; how about you stay in your room for the rest of the week, huh? Maybe that will teach you a lesson!”
Tears draining down my cheeks I stamped to my room. Normally I wouldn’t let it go this easy but I knew her. She would just go on and lock me in my room not even thinking of how much I would be humiliated to my friends. I sat on my bed trying to calm myself because my makeup was leaking and I wouldn’t want to go to a party with a red face. “I hate you!” I scream. “I hate you so much!”
I open my closet to find a matching outfit. But the thing is, whenever you’re in a hurry nothing seems to fit you right. They all look shabby and ridicules. I heard a car horn from out of the building and I knew it was Ashley’s mom. I ended up wearing a boring black jean and a normal t-shirt, though I still had my high heels on .I can’t believe I’m going through this I said to myself. Who does she think she is? I raced to the front door and gripped my handbag when I saw my mom looking at me with disgust. I was about to slam the door at her face when I heard her call out.
“And Jenny” she started.
“What do you want?” I heard myself reply.
“I hate you, too.”
I slammed the door, knowing she hates this act. One of the many moments like this, I envied the college students that were far, far away from their mothers. I hopped in the car with Ashley, dressed in a fine mini dress looking adorable as always, I tried to avoid her gaze.
“Your mother isn’t it?” she said as if she was reading my mind.
“Yes” I said slowly, taking my denim shorts and cropped top with the elegant cardigan out of my bag. She smiled with a nod, telling her mom to stop at the closest gas station. I loved her for this. I loved her for understanding me so well. When your family is messed up, a good friend always helps.

The author's comments:
When my friends read the series A FULL TIME JOB: "Being a teenager" they just can't help but nod in approval.Maybe not the same things happen but decently similar.

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