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All The Young Droogs

September 25, 2012
By MissAtomic GOLD, Sebastian, Florida
MissAtomic GOLD, Sebastian, Florida
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The lights dim and the crowd grows restless. A fight is broken up at the back of the room as the band takes the stage. Everyone pushed forward as the first notes are played. The band is up and the captive audience anxiously awaits the singer. A man shouts his name and others follow his lead. Women shriek as anticipation grows. Then out from behind the curtain comes a slender man covered in Christmas lights to the tune of Ode To Joy.
The introduction stops.
The final note carries on as the crows goes nuts. Smiles are on all of the band members faces when Monkey takes the mic.
Finally, what we’ve all been waiting for, The Adicts!
They start to play and the energy in the room is like nothing I’ve experienced before. This crowd of people that would scare any outsider is dancing, jumping, and singing along with the elderly clown in the shiny pants backed by droogs of varying ages. It sure is a sight to remember. Stuffed animals and playing cards are being thrown from the stage as confetti cannons are shot off every few songs. Monkey strips down from his brightly colored outfit until he’s just wearing silver pants. Young and old, the Clockwork Orange-themed band is giving it their all on stage. Streamers are thrown at the lights and beer is poured on the adoring fans, who clap along with the drummer and never lose the smiles on their faces. After the singer leaves stage and the lead guitarist introduces the band, the singer is back in lights and a sombrero back for round two, playing their most popular song, Viva La Revolution. The crowd is pumped like never before and everyone is singing along. Beach balls are thrown in to the crowd for the rest of the set. It goes by faster than anyone wanted. The Adicts leave the stage. The audience pushes forward more as we all scream for an encore. After what seems like an eternity of begging, they grant us three more songs before saying good night.
Band members shake hands with the fans as they leave the stage. Everyone in the back clears out when I turn to look. I grab the set list from in front of the monitor and get barked at by security until the band’s roadie says I can have it. The singer is autographing playing cards, plush toys, tickets, and arms for whoever can reach him. I push through and hold out my set list. He smiles and signs it as I awkwardly shout “thanks, I love you!” He nods and I hope he doesn’t hear me. I look around for the rest of the band. With the exception of the people waiting to meet Monkey or buying merch, there’s no one around. The venue that was packed not five minutes ago is now an empty mess of glitter, confetti, deflated beach balls, and playing cards that littler the alcohol-saturated floor.
I skip the few blocks to my car and smile the whole drive home. No words could to justice the experience of seeing the legendary Adicts, or the feeling of the crowd that night.

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