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Donor Baby or Gladiator?

October 27, 2013
By twizz98 GOLD, Minden, Nevada
twizz98 GOLD, Minden, Nevada
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They say all humans need to survive is air and a place to rest your head. However, at this age in history we have all tried to be the best at what we do; to not survive, but thrive in our man made environments. From the Roman coliseum authentic warrior fights to being first in the future and modern space race, we as humans have always strived to be the very best at what we do. But really, if we are the best can we actually win? We as humans use each other in comparison to help motivate us. But what if there is no one left to be motivated by? Lets switch places in this story, what is you are the one who is made to motivate people? Do you have a purpose to even live, or are you the donor baby that is just made to keep another person alive? I am convinced that is what some people, including me, are made for. NO, this is not a piece on depression of how much life sucks as a teenager, but is questions what you were put on this earth to due. People say everyone has a place in the world; but is this purpose meaningful? To be the best is something to strive for, but to live for the best in just a mimic.

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