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January 15, 2014
By PlutoNevermore BRONZE, Sierra Vista, Arizona
PlutoNevermore BRONZE, Sierra Vista, Arizona
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We write to taste life twice.

The small sliver of light widened, and all was chaos. In some way or other, I had travelled from my room to the living room in our apartment, I was not quite sure how. My father was speaking to me, I knew this because his lips were moving. The only sound I could process, however, was sharp ringing and muffled murmurs. I could not feel a thing. My vision once again focused on my father. He knelt in front of me, and the ringing ceased only long enough to hear him ask me to raise my right arm. My left arm shot upwards. I was trapped in a glass box within my own body. My whole world was drowned in black. Blinding light seared through my skull, and a young face peered down at me before darkness prevailed once more. When I awoke, I was informed about what had happened. I had had a ceizure. It had lasted forty-five minutes, and my heart had stopped for four seconds.

The author's comments:
I was young when this occurred, yet I remember it clearly. Most immediately drift into darkness when having a ceizure. Not I. While most ceizures only last twenty to twenty-five minutes, mine was nearly twice that. This is a true story.

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